May Snapshots

After the huge month that was April (moving into our studio, big projects etc) I was all set for May to be a lot calmer. It wasn't calmer, but I'm slowly feeling like I'm getting calmer about handing things. I figure that can only be a good thing! Here's what we did in May.

 photo instagramsnapshots_may15_mckeanstudio_zpsr80oj16j.jpg

+ In an effort to see more of Sydney on the weekends and not stay at home (or working in the studio) we took a Saturday morning off for a walk around Circular Quay and The Rocks. A visit to the always amazing Ken Done Gallery was just what we needed for a bit of a break.
+ Brand new Amsterdam bangles! It's always fun to add a new product to a range, and Amsterdam was no exception. The only downside is all the wanderlust I get when working on it!
+ Our Souvenir Scarf range had a facelift, and they're now all 100% silk. Fancy!
+ The Sydney Winter Finders Keepers markets, always a huge weekend. We're gearing up for Melbourne in July, preparing lots of stock and fun things. 
+ New Dominos! Still so pleased with how these turned out, it's so rewarding when something you've worked on for so long finishes up like you'd hoped!
+ Fresh blooms in the house, after pinching them from the shoot for the Amsterdam bangles. Small business perks, I say.
+ A studio tour on the blog to show off our new space! I love coming to work in here, feeling very lucky and thankful for each day I get to do the fun stuff.
+ Our Sydney Mini City in Architectural Digest, Germany. 
+ I hit the quarter century! A milestone I have been freaking out about for the past 5 years. Heaven help me when 30 rolls around.
+ A birthday visit to the AGNSW, to see the newly acquired Matisse display. 
+ My sister-in-law made a birthday cake of epic proportions, and my only regret is not eating more of it. Chocolate mud with salted caramel buttercream, with caramel popcorn and pretzels. 
+ My birthday gift to myself (I know, so selfish, so greedy...but it was the only way I could justify it) was the Herman Miller 'Cake' Picnic Poster. The perfect friend for my 'Ice Cream' I bought last year and a timely find - no regrets!