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Palm Springs Gingerbread Houses

It's been a whole heap of crazy around McKean Studio HQ lately, between Christmas orders and the Sydney Finders Keepers market last week, as well as finalising one very big final project for the year (on a personal level) which we'll share in the New Year! Amidst all of the madness I've tried a little harder than usual to embrace the festivities of Christmas - Joshua is a big Christmas fan, and I thought after all our years of being together it was about time I put in some effort to make things a bit more Christmas-sy for him!

Christmas in Australia is never the picturesque snowy scenes that we always see, so for my Gingerbread House inspiration I turned to our favourite desert, Palm Springs! Using a couple of IKEA pre-prepared kits, I modified the house designs to craft 3 mid-century houses. A hot tip, if you 'bake' the sheets of the cookies in the oven for just a couple of minutes, they'll soften so that they can be cut into without breaking the pieces. With a bit of fine icing work, some architectural reinforcement from Joshua, and colour coded Smarties, our little Palm Springs Gingerbread Neighbourhood was ready to go!


We're hosting a couple of Christmas gatherings this weekend at our apartment, we can't wait to celebrate the season and everything we've managed to accomplish this year. I'm hoping to get a couple of 'wrap up' posts online for this ol' blog to look back at some of our favourite projects of 2015. In the meantime, I hope your Christmas celebrations are joyful and safe. Thanks for following along with everything we do at McKean Studio!


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