2015, Hey!

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Oh, 2015 already!? A week gone, already!? I feel like I still haven't caught my breath from December, but here we are, ready or not.

I do love the start of the year; 365 brand new days to fill with all sorts of adventures and goals. I managed to come down with some sort of head cold and ear infection a few days in though, so it hasn't been the best start for me, health wise! In this first week of the new year we've already had a family wedding, and Joshua's birthday, as well as working on new projects for McKean Studio. It's been straight into it, no time to muck around! This year is going to be a big one, I can feel it already. We've got some really big things happening for McKean Studio (more on that in a week or so), an overseas trip happening in February, some milestone birthdays, a baby in the family (I'm going to be an aunty!) and hopefully some great work/career opportunities and changes.

This year I'm going to be working hard to consciously grow a few different areas that up until now have just kind of rolled along. I'm going to work more on illustration and design, and get more organised with some schedules for social media and the internet in general. I get very easily distracted by screens, and shamefully waste hours every day on things that I could be working more productively on. In a nutshell, I'm working to "Make More. Be Better". I think I can probably apply this across most points in my life! 

Thanks for sticking around with us here at this blog. I'm hoping to update more frequently, and with more 'behind the scenes' of what we do and what we're working on. Fingers crossed I can follow through on that front, anyway! Here's to 2015 and all that it will bring. More travel, more design, more adventure, more organisation, more family, more laughing, and more lipstick. x


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