June Snapshots

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June is done and dusted and we're halfway through 2014! Isn't that crazy! Here's what we got up to in June!

+ Sorting out my Schleich animal collection. Each year since Joshua and I have been together, he's bought me a little animal on each of my birthdays. This year we added in a little goat, named Bleeker in honour of all the time we spent on Bleeker Street in New York City! It's a funny tradition that started by accident (like all good traditions, I suppose!) but now it's one I look forward to on each birthday. If we ever get around to having kids of our own, it'll be a nice collection to pass down to them!
+ Wedding invitation sorting for a little portfolio update. I'll share a full post on that suite soon!
+ Cosy mornings doing computer work from bed. It makes more sense than sitting at a cold desk - much more productive too!
+ Plant shopping! This month I've been looking for ways to make our house more homely, and have found plant purchases to be strangely therapeutic! It bores Josh no end, but he's happy once our little green friends are potted up and around the house. It's escalated quite quickly though, culminating in an afternoon at Bunnings and a trip home with a giant Pink Diamond plant strapped in to the backseat. I've promised to ease off for a little while now.
+ Paper treasures from the USA. We never buy very much on our trips overseas, but always accumulate lots of postcards, photobooth strips, and ephemeral pieces.
+ I spent a few days in the Hunter with my family and with my dear friend Priscila in the lead up to her wedding. I was Chief Bridesmaid for her, returning the bridesmaid favour from our wedding back in 2011. It was incredibly emotional (I think I cried more than I did at my wedding!) but such a special day. It was especially nice to hang out with my family for the better part of a week.
+ Rounding out the month with a breakfast date at Paramount Coffee. That right there in the last image is sweet waffles with dulce de leche icecream, peanut butter sauce and caramel popcorn. YES. No regrets.