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March Snapshots

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March was full of lots of hard work! We've got some new things in the pipeline and have been working trying to stay on top of everything. There were some fun moments in there too, trying to consciously pop in a breakfast date here and there so we don't go crazy from working 24/7.

+ Willing Winter to hurry up a little bit, I've put the woollen blanket on the bed just so we're ready!
+ Making the most of Easter being in the shops so early and stashing a cheeky chocolate here and there
+ We tried out a new cafe near us for brunch last weekend, super tasty and so cute!
+ Colour samples for new products in the works. It's fun and scary all at the same time!
+ I had some sparkly shoes arrive for a friends wedding
+ I wrapped some presents for some birthdays (probably projecting what I'd want my present to look like, with all of that pink and gold!)
+ I booked some more of our accommodation stops for our Route 66 trip - like the Wigwam Motel, where you sleep in a concrete teepee!
+ I designed some new pieces for The Club of Odd Volumes 
+ I bought a rad shirt for Josh, a bit of Hawaiian fun for the last bit of summer!

Rome Illustrated

Vegas Signs on The Club of Odd Volumes