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It's been a little while between posts, oops! I've been working at finding a balance between work time, play time and down time, and unfortunately this means that something normally falls off the table. There are plenty of quotes floating around at the moment like "You can be anything, but not everything" and "you can have it all, but not all at once", which are sometimes helpful, but sometimes more annoying when you are trying to keep so many balls in the air. 

We took a day off last week and visited the Hunter to see my family - and get a little breath of country air. I got to meet the cutest puppy of all time, the weather was beautiful, and I came home again feeling a little more calibrated and sorted out. 

We've got some new McKean Studio things in the works, and I've been working on lots of different sorts of projects lately that I'll be sharing in the next little while.

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