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January Snapshots

The first month of the year was done in a flash - which is why I'm posting this 4 days into February! Always chasing my tail lately, it's a very frustrating feeling, even when I look back on what I've got done in January I still feel like there's a hundred things left to do on the work schedule. Here's a quick look at the first few weeks of 2014!

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+ Sympathised with our friends in Melbourne during the heatwave, ate plenty of iceblocks and a Golden Gaytime!
+ A lovely Saturday breakfast spent at The Grounds of Alexandria, the ridiculous wait times to get a table there meant we had some time to wander around and look at all the produce and flowers.
+ Celebrated my grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. What a massive accomplishment! I sent a text message to my gran later and said that I hope Josh and I are just as in love with each other in 48 years time. Her reply was "you'll beat that, easily". She's pretty ace.
+ Making a concerted effort to get some more greens into me this year, including juicing my celery to try and make it a little more palatable. I've never liked the stuff, but finally at 23 am finding a way to make it not so bad!
+ Worked on some new illustrations for upcoming projects - always working on something!
+ Celebrated my sweet Joshua's 26th birthday, a really nice low-key sort of weekend with presents, family and yummy food.
+ Wrapped up and sent out several Souvenir Scarves to new homes, a few of them being off to the USA, one to Wyoming and  one to San Francisco. I wished I could have sent myself along with the San Francisco one!
+ My range for The Club of Odd Volumes debuted just a few days ago, and it's been so nice to see my work on something real!
+ Spent a weekend in the Hunter with my family, walking my dog and saying hello to other dogs like Flo, who smile at you they're so happy! Isn't she so cute!?
+ Welcomed a new table to our home, another Hay item we saved our pennies for and bought as our Christmas present to each other last November. It was finally ready to bring home last week, and it's got prime position (on my side of the bed!).
+ I added another blue polka dot item to my wardrobe, and then realised there's a bit of a recurring theme going on there! Oops!

Hope your January was a good one! 

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