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Be Mine, Valentine.

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We don't normally celebrate (or even really acknowledge) Valentine's Day over here at Casa McKean. I usually feel inspired to bake something heart shaped for Joshua the evening before, and it usually results in something not very good. We timed this years Love Day with our one day off together for the week, so it ended up being quite a lovely day!

I gave myself a spotty manicure, I baked a red velvet heart cake (which looked a lot better than it tasted), I impulse bought a top with navy hearts all over it (no regrets) and we watched New Girl on the couch with Gelato Messina and had an early night. All the makings of a good day off really, the only thing different was the amount of heart shaped goods.

I got to thinking about Valentine's Day 5 years ago when I moved to Sydney, on my own and about to start uni. I think about it every time I eat tuna now, since that was what my diet included a lot of (starving artist, etc etc). I never would have pictured where I am now, what I'm doing now and what Josh and I are doing with McKean Studio. It's been a wonderful 5 years: I met and married my Joshua, we started McKean Studio, I earned an honours degree, I've travelled to 10+ countries, and now I get to do what I love (almost) every day of the week. I'm pretty glad I moved on down to Sydney-town! You can buy my love letter to Sydney in my Etsy store, pre orders are available for a little while longer, just $25 and free postage, for a lovely gold foiled heart on A4 300gsm paper. Thanks for being my first Valentine, Sydney. I'm glad I stuck around with you!

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