Victor Harbor

Jumping back a few weeks now, but I wanted to share a few photos from a brief weekend we spent in South Australia, on the October long weekend. A plane trip to Adelaide for Joshua's uncles 60th birthday, an all-day celebration with family and friends, saw us squeezing out a bit of bonus time around the city. 

 photo IMG_2056_zps3f72e2d6.jpg

A quick stop in Adelaide itself for lunch and a nose around town, before a little over an hours drive south to Victor Harbor - a cute little seaside town, on the souther south of South Australia. A weekend fair set up nearby, with ferris wheels and cute food stands like the Strawberries and Cream one. So sweet! We explored Granite Island, saw some local wildlife, and got a little too much sun for one weekend. Charming buildings, blue skies and family - a good weekend!

 photo IMG_1950_zpse93dd2b7.jpg photo IMG_2064_zpsb8f63810.jpg photo IMG_1984_zps23ec47fd.jpg photo IMG_1965_zpsada3614c.jpg photo IMG_2043_zps8c8c7482.jpg