Joshua's 26th

My sweet Joshua turned 26 on Monday. We celebrated over a 4 day long weekend; time spent with my family at a home morning tea on Saturday, and a Sunday brunch at a local cafe. We stayed in the city on Sunday night and had dinner with just the two of us at a favourite restaurant, and then a low key day on Monday pottering about at home. I love birthdays, and love giving presents, so Josh's birthday is up there on my calendar of favourite days in the year. It's getting harder to hide presents in our little apartment, and this year I had things sent to my mum's house and to my work address to keep Josh in the dark. 

 photo joshbirthday14_mckeanstudio_zps4f649052.jpg

He's loved Ursa the Bear for years, and we saw it again when we were in Denmark last October and was still enamoured, so this year I finally got my act together and brought her home for Josh. She's a beauty, and a happy addition to our home since we're not able to have pets (and are nowhere near ready for babies). Happy birthday, Josh!

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