Hello, 2014!

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Hey there, 2014! So nice to see you! We welcomed the New Year with good company, good food, and of course, a little bit of good champagne. We celebrated with friends and wandered down to Elizabeth Bay for the midnight fireworks on the Harbour Bridge - that gold display at the end was pretty spectacular, and I'm taking it as a sign for more gold and more glitter in my life this year.

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Over dinner we discussed our favourite moments from 2013, as well as our low points. It was kind of refreshing to hear of the struggles my friends had gone through in the previous 12 months, to know that not every day is an easy one. Death in the family, career struggles, workplace bullying. By the same token, there were so many great moments in the year that more than made up for the tough times, it was nice to make a proper effort in reflecting together as a group. There's another engagement to celebrate as of 2 days ago which will mean a wedding at the end of the year, new jobs, promotions, new ventures and fresh ideas, travel and adventure, and that's just split between 3 couples. I was feeling pretty lucky come midnight; to have good friends to celebrate with, a husband to kiss at the stroke of 12, and plenty of amazing things happening in the very near future. 

Here's to more of the good stuff this year, that outweighs the negatives and makes us thankful again come December 31. Happy New Year!

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