Scarf Update

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Thank you so much to everyone who purchased a scarf using the code FRANKIE20. I've had several lovely emails from mums with daughters heading overseas who think the scarf will make the perfect gift - from a Sydney scarf going off to The Netherlands, to a Paris scarf staying in Australia while the purchasers daughter goes off to France. It's nice to hear all of these stories about where the products are ending up - and even nicer to know that my quest to make souvenirs a little better is paying off! 

We've now sold out of Paris and Melbourne completely, and only have one or two left in some of the others, such as Palm Springs and Los Angeles.  You can still nab yourself one from our Etsy store. Just as a wee reminder, we won't be making any more scarves until the end of the year, so if there's one you've been eyeing off it's best to get in now. Thanks for all of your support!


Megan McKeanComment