On Goals and Resolutions

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I started writing this post all the way back in July, when I wanted to check in with myself 6 months in, on where the year was headed and how it was aligning with my goals. The internet ate the post, so I thought I'd try again - better late than never! I'd written this post at the end of last year and shared a couple of things that Joshua and I were wanting to focus on in 2013.

We spent a few months at the start of the year investing in our home. Although we rent and can't do too much to the space, we felt like we needed to make the most of what we have and utilise the space better. I spend a lot of time working from home (hey, glamorous freelance life!) and when we did eventually get around to fitting out the space better the overall feeling of our home was boosted quite a bit! Now we have a proper dining table (and more than 2 chairs) we've been entertaining and having friends around for dinner. So nice! Last week was our 2 year anniversary since we signed the lease of our little apartment, and it's come quite a long way since we first dragged all our furniture into it!

When we first got married and went on our round the world honeymoon, I said to Josh that I wanted to try and travel overseas (somewhere! anywhere!) once a year. He was more than reluctant to agree, but he said a few weeks ago that he's glad that's what we're doing now. We definitely won't be buying a house anytime soon, but we'll be well travelled! Last year we managed to fit in 2 trips, and we've been saving this year for our next one. We're heading off next week to Europe and Japan for a few weeks, visiting Tokyo, Sweden, Denmark and Italy. I can feel my waistline growing just thinking about all of Italy's gelato. 

Our careers was another area we were focussing on, probably kept intentionally vague in terms of specific goals because of how transient things are! We're both 'creatives' and you never really know what opportunity is around the corner, or what could come out of a project you're working on. Josh has kicked some huge goals in terms of his career development, with promotions and working in new departments and general high fives all round, (completely proud wife, right here!) and also has a few meetings lined up while we're in Sweden, to hopefully keep things growing and on track to eventually moving overseas for a stint! My personal project of drawing some of the cities we visited last year turned into a bit of a monster, in the best way possible. The Souvenir Scarves have had some great press and lovely feedback, and kept me busy and able to justify working on new illustrations all the time. We've grown McKean Studio as a brand and been able to work on some fun products together - there's not much more you can ask for really!

I didn't really think I was one for resolutions, but I've tried to be mindful of living with intention this year, so that we can look back on all that we've done and achieved and not be those mopey people on Facebook on New Years Eve that say 'this year was a bad one, next year will be better' as though the calendar turning over magically changes things. I've definitely had my share of down days, but try to remember that comparison is the thief of joy, and that working on something is better than not doing anything! We feel really lucky to live the life that we do, to be able to travel and live comfortably and work in jobs that we enjoy and utilise our talents - and don't want to take any of it for granted.

If you've had goals of your own this year I'd love to hear how you're travelling with them! 


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