Op Shop

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Last week we nipped up to the Hunter for a visit with my family and to get some errands done. We had a little bit of free time, which I definitely make the most of, squeezing in a visit to my beauticians and also to the local art gallery. There's a great exhibition on at the moment, called 'Op Shop' and features some pretty amazing pieces made from sourced materials. The colourful vases in the picture are part of a long display of glass vases that move through the colours of the rainbow. Anything en masse is always effective!

Maybe it was a bit of luck after seeing lovely 'thrifted' exhibition pieces, but I finally had a good op-shop score! I found a beautiful pink, peach and lilac blanket at my local, 100% wool, made in Australia, and from the looks of it, was never used! It's made it to the bed already, my prized possession and the best $20 I've spent in a while!

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