Mckean Studio in Frankie Magazine

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We're delighted to see our McKean Studio Souvenir Scarves gracing the pages of the current Frankie magazine! It's a lovely little feature and we're thrilled to have our work in such a well loved publication. We think it's not a bad effort for our first bit of press to be in the Australian Magazine of the Year! I've been buying Frankie since I was a teenager, and my 16 year old self would be completely beside herself with excitement. My grown up self bought iced donuts for post-dinner celebrations and then got on with work for the rest of the day! 

Sydney creatives Joshua and Megan McKean are on a two-person mission to make souvenirs less sh*t. It’s a big job, yes - but someone’s gotta do it, and we’re glad they’ve taken it on. So far they’ve created five Souvenir Scarves inspired by some of their favourite cities: San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York, London, and of course their own beloved hometown. Each design is hand-drawn, scanned and digitally coloured, then printed on silk cotton with hand-stitched hems as a tribute to travel near and far. Want one for yourself? They’re $75 each through Better than a plastic Big Ben or novelty Statue of Liberty magnet, promise.
— Frankie Magazine, Issue 55

We're incredibly thankful for each and every opportunity we have had since we started on this venture, and so grateful for your support so far! There are lots of days when I sit at my desk and wonder what on earth I'm doing, so to see our work in print and to receive such kind feedback and recognition on our scarves makes me feel like my days hunched over my drawings are going to be worth it.

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