Pomodoro Timing

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I've been reading a little bit on the Pomodoro technique lately, as I'm always looking for ways to curb my procrastination. I start a little bit on a project, then usually get distracted and start on another one shortly after, pinging between all different things until I've got lots of small things done and nothing of note on the important task. Our house is usually spotless all the time as a result of my procrastination - which I suppose is better for our waistlines than the few months I spent 'procrastibaking' through the end of my uni degree.

I saw on Amy's blog at Eat Drink Chic that she'd downloaded a timer to help her own procrastination issues. Her 'symptoms' sounded a lot like my own so I gave it a whirl too! Designed to give you 25 minutes of work time followed by 5 minutes of break time, the Pomodoro Timer breaks up your work into manageable chunks. It started out really well, until I started timing my procrastinations - did you know that I can vacuum and mop my house in less than 25 minutes!? Sigh. I still have a ways to go on training myself to focus better, but it has been a bit of a help!


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