May Snapshots

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May was a complete whirlwind of early mornings spent sewing scarves, working on new products, dealing with printers and getting things ready for the Finders Keepers!

- Stickered countless paper bags for market product
- Got well acquainted with the new Bunnings near our house - it's 2 storeys!
- Many many coffees to keep us going!
- Cleaning the house as my reward for getting other work done. I'm sick, I know!
- A new watch that Joshua made! A prototype of sorts, to work on properly another day.
- Market stall practice set ups in our loungeroom
- Taco dinners with our friends Jake and Elle. Delicious!
- New Illustrations completed and turned into scarves
- Illustration process for an upcoming art show 
- Kate Spade birthday presents! I was very spoilt and scored 2 pieces of jewellery!
- Sick day socks, feet covered in Vicks to try and ward off the flu!
- FK markets, so big, so tiring, so great!