Lepus Australis Scarf

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Here's my scarf for the Lepus Australis show, all sewn up and ready to be sent to Melbourne! I'm ridiculously happy with how it turned out, the print quality is fantastic, the colours are amazing, and being 100% silk, it feels beautiful to touch. Such a good feeling when something turns out beyond what you'd hoped for! This was such a quick project (relatively!) and it feels great to have something else under my belt. Rabbits aren't usually my thing to draw, so it's nice to have a gentle push to work on something with a specific focus!

I'm honoured to be exhibiting among such fine company at the No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne next month, and I feel even luckier that I'm good friends with lots of the ladies taking part - how I managed to befriend so many exceptionally talented ladies is a mystery, but one that I'm thankful for! There'll be work from Kelly from The Storybook Rabbit, Kirbee Lawler and Lalita from Me & Oli, as well as the mind boggling talented Courtney Brims, Amy Borrell, Sally Landells and Beth Emily. Quite the lineup - check out more at the Lepus Australis facebook page.

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