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Softie cushions! They're done! And super adorable! I'm tempted to keep them for our house (you know, a couple for the couch, a few for the bed) that's how much I love them. They're a great size at around 55cm long, and perfect for squishing! The ice cream van is based on the Newcastle one that we used in our wedding, and the taxi is because I've been daydreaming about NYC a lot lately. These are one of the final products we've been working on to launch at the FK markets (we have a couple more surprises still to come) and now we're just about ready! I think my overly prepared girl-scout tendencies have run over from my uni days - I refused to ever have to pull an all nighter, and always had assessments completed with a respectable amount of time left. Nerd alert. Joshua on the other hand seemed to thrive on the last minute panic, so it's been an interesting combination working on things together! We've have a couple of last minute hiccups, but they should all be sorted out before next Friday!

This weekend we'll be planning our stall space, figuring out some packaging and eating Mexican food with some friends! Happy weekend! x

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