April Snapshots

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April was big and busy, but we managed to fit in a fair share of fun activities too. All of which makes for a good month!

- Our friend gifted us a pineapple jug from Brazil, which will be making our dinner parties a lot more festive from now on!
- Working on lots of illustration projects
- Mad Men is back! Season 6 is still as addictive as ever.
- We tried out a few local cafes, Shenkin Kitchen opening up near us is a perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday morning, and the staff are still as friendly as ever. We also visited the mother of all pun-based cafes, Fleetwood Macchiato. 
- Accepted into The Finders Keepers markets in Sydney, which has kept us working on projects left, right and centre.
- Crocheting in my spare moments, working on my spotty blanket.
- A city dinner with Joshua's family when they were in town last week
- New furniture meant having to say goodbye to some old pieces. Our favourite vintage telephone bench seat has gone off to live with the lovely friend who gave us the pineapple jug. A good trade!
- Frankie magazine breaks with the prettiest coral colour cover
- And a new look for McKean Studio, this here little internet space! A big project that we're pretty chuffed with!

Thanks April, you were a good month!