A New Sleeping Space

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We've been spending the last month or so working on getting our house sorted out, a new years resolution we're sticking to! We finally bought a dining table, a couch that is big enough to properly fit two people (as adorable as our vintage floral number was) and wardrobes that fit our wall properly - and it feels amazing! Although I think if we buy one more think from IKEA we'll cross into complete showroom territory.

Our bedroom is all finished now, and it feels like a brand new space. I can't believe we spent so long putting it off, really. 18 months of awkward fitting furniture that we had crammed into whatever space we could, and legs covered in bruises from walking into things! 

I've been leaving my yarn out on display for the time being, to serve as a visual prompt to keep crocheting into my spotty blanket. It seems to be working so far, I've progressed enough to keep a lap blanket of finished squares on the couch, and I add a new row every now and then. Fingers crossed I can keep up the momentum!

Megan McKean4 Comments