Big Bites!

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More new goodies on their way for the Finders Keepers market, which kicks off tomorrow! I've been hand stitching little details onto these for the past couple of weeks, and kind of love them all together in a big bunch. Completely impractical to ever have so many cushions in one big lot, but you know, they're cute for the few days they're taking up my dining room table. Stitched watermelon seeds, squirts of mustard on the hotdog, and rainbow sprinkles on the soft serve icecream cone! We're calling this range 'Big Bites!' and most of the cushions are around 30cm tall/wide, and will be $35 each. I'm already dreaming up more delicious additions - I really want to make a pretzel, but can't for the life of me work out how I would be able to make it happen with the cut out holes. Sewing geniuses, I'm all ears.

Megan McKeanComment