2013. A Very Good Year.

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This year was a big one. A really big one, and a really good one. We started the year a little unsure of where we were headed, especially for myself, personally, having just finished a 4 year degree and not certain of where I wanted to be heading next. We're both finishing 2013 a lot more confident and content in our jobs and creative ventures, with so many great things happening over the past 12 months that we could never have planned or expected a year earlier.

I wrote a post at the end of 2012 mentioning a few goals, and another in September checking in with myself on how we were going with our plans. It feels good to have had a sort of blueprint for some things we wanted to achieve this year, and even better to have actually achieved the things we set out to!

We invested in our home, and bought some serious grown up furniture that we both really love and will hopefully have for a long time to come! We were able to travel, a big trip to Japan, Sweden, Denmark and Italy happening in October and scratching our itchy feet for a few months at least! Joshua had a few promotions in his job, inching closer to (hopefully) eventually living in Sweden for a stint, and I've been able to work on illustration and design jobs, as well as part time with a really wonderful group of ladies. McKean Studio has grown, with orders coming in regularly and a few magazine features happening this year that were a huge confidence booster.

This new year is looking to be an extra busy one (aren't they all though, really?). I'm dubbing it The Wedding Year, with 4 weddings already on the calendar, 2 of which I'll be being a bridesmaid in! We're hoping to travel overseas around the middle of the year if we can save enough dollars, and work on more new things for McKean Studio! I've got an exciting collaboration in the works, as well as new product ideas.

See you later 2013, you've been big and great and a whole lot of fun. Thanks for reading along with our little blog here at McKean Studio! Here's to a wonderful 2014! 

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