November Snapshots

Well, I started out the first part of November really well with the blogging, and then suddenly it's been a week or two between posts and it's December! The last couple of weeks have been pretty full on working on new products to release at Finders Keepers. We're on the home stretch now though!

November has been a good month. Joshua has started a new job role which has come with some more sway over what hours he works. For the moment, we've managed to snag two days off together in a week (like weekends, for grownups!) so we've had a few lovely breakfast dates this month, trying to fit in some social activities so it's not always work work work!

Here's a snippet of what we got up to in November.

 photo instagram_november13snapshots_mckeanstudio_zps10a5a7e8.jpg

+ A visit to our Hay home away from home, Corporate Culture in Surry Hills. We finally bit the bullet on a coffee table we've been smitten with since our holiday in Denmark. It's going to be a few months before it arrives, hopefully by which we'll have forgotten the price and just be in love with our new addition!
+ We made a fun lightbox for our stall, it's all lovely pale wood and bright white light, with a hot pink trim (just for good measure).
+ A weekend visit to Zumbo for some macarons. Pretty tasty, but not up there on the list of decent macarons for me, personally. We were also pretty appalled at the customer service, which I find always leaves a bad impression on the food. They did match my outfit that day really well, so that's a positive!
+ Our feature in Bust magazine! International McKean Studio, woohoo!
+ Working on client projects which meant some soft makeup inspired playing!
+ Officeworks visits, my organisation freak was very happy at the pen display.
+ Working on our City Domes! They've been so well received, with a few stores contacting us to ask if they could stock them, as well as another magazine feature (hopefully!). It's been a really fun project to work on, and always really rewarding to create something brand new that people respond to well!
+ Mud Seconds Sale. We had an appointment a couple of weeks ago with the ceramic genius that is Mud, and came home with some beautiful new mugs and some little serving pots. We're working on having pieces in our home that are beautiful and functional (a la William Morris) and that we've chosen together. Slowly slowly!
+ Summer afternoons, and Josh bought a new bike! It's a lovely cream and blue beauty, makes his ride to work look all the more nicer. 
+ Dinner catch ups with friends. We've been a bit neglectful of our social life, so this week we had dinner with some of our favourite fellows at Chur Burger in Surry Hills. A good way to end the month before the silly season officially arrives!