Finders Keepers Recap

I'm still recovering from The Finders Keepers market last Friday and Saturday, and I think it's going to take a couple of days of deep cleaning our apartment to get things back in order after a month of sewing and creating in every available space! Eeep!

It was a fantastic weekend, and so much fun. We met so many new friends from Instagram, and got to hang out with other stallholders from Melbourne and Brisbane. It's such a fun community to be part of, and we were chuffed to be included in the ranks!

Friday morning we squeezed in a trip to Surry Hills, and a breakfast at our friends new cafe that just opened in Newtown. Then an errand run to the post office, a strange pickup from a loading dock of a magazine that borrowed our City Domes, and then bundled up all of our goods into our hatchback! Zoom zoom! 

I always find it amazing to see the market come together, from such a barebones Industrial space, to a venue with hundreds of stalls! 

 photo fk_setup_mckeanstudio_1_zps76f9ebe5.jpg photo fk_setup_mckeanstudio_2_zps07854501.jpg photo fk_setup_mckeanstudio_4_zps04ccd170.jpg photo fk_setup_mckeanstudio_3_zps3710ebe6.jpg

We were quite the colourful duo - and very well co-ordinated to our stall! We had lollies to give out (Pink, of course!) which was a really fun icebreaker for people to feel like they could come in to our stall space. We sold out of Paris and Los Angeles scarves, as well as all of our watermelon cushions and NYC City Domes! Hip hip! 

It was such a fun experience, we feel really lucky to be able to do what we do and have it be so well received by people! I'm guessing there'll be quite a few people with City Series Souvenir Scarves under the Christmas tree this year! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, our friends & family, and internet friends from our Blog & Instagram land! 

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