Scholten & Baijings for Hay

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When we were in Sweden and Denmark we kept seeing the work of Dutch duo Scholten & Baijings popping up in different stores. Beautiful bed linen that we were both pretty in love with and kept touching and admiring whenever we spotted it. It wasn't until we make it to Hay House in Copenhagen that we were able to see the whole range of Scholten & Baijings for Hay, and conveniently time it with a half price sale! I gladly gave up my minimal luggage space to take home our new prized possession.  

The day after we got home from our trip we visited Corporate Culture in Chippendale, to get a few more pieces we couldn't quite get in the suitcase. Plush new towels and neon tea towels, all the textiles in our home are suddenly looking rather swish. The one thing I'm working towards now is an amazing pastel rug, but I think I'll be saving my pennies for quite some time!


Megan McKeanComment