Tokyo Souvenir Scarf

 photo mckeanstudio_tokyo_scarfheld_zps0c8610a3.jpg

Our very last souvenir scarf for 2013 has been added to the lineup - Tokyo! We're excited to have introduced a new continent to the pool of options too, now we've got representation from Asia (Toyko), the UK (London), Europe (Paris & Amsterdam), the USA (San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles & Palm Springs) and of course, Australia (Sydney & Melbourne)! 10 Souvenir Scarves in total, and we'll be displaying them all at The Finders Keepers in a very short 2 weeks time.  We've supersized our stall space and have been plotting the best way to showcase all of our goodies!

 You can grab a Tokyo scarf in our Etsy store now, or if you're coming to the market and would like to pop anything on hold to collect over the 2 days, please email us and we can arrange something for you.

Megan McKeanComment