City Domes!

 photo Sydney_citydome1_mckeanstudio_zps7153b65c.jpg photo NYC_citydome2_mckeanstudio_zps9d47ba78.jpg photo Sydney_citydome2_mckeanstudio_zpse78a3f46.jpg photo NYC_citydome_MckeanStudio_zpseed9d889.jpg

Boy oh boy is it exciting to have something completely new to show off! Here are our City Domes, miniature models of Sydney and New York City that we've been working on day and night trying to get finished. I had a particularly wild Friday evening last week, spending 5 hours with my pieces of acrylic and many tubes of super glue.

Each City Dome has the notable qualities of the city it portrays, from the Opera House and Bridge and even the Manly Ferry in the Sydney City Dome, and taxis, lovely Lady Liberty and Central Park in NYC. We're really chuffed with how these have turned out, makes all the hair pulling and squinting at to-the-millimetre drawings all worth it. Josh bore the brunt of the design work for these ones, designing the pieces to fit into their spaces while I back-seat drove with my idea and helpful suggestions like "can you make the tree more tree-like?". 

The City Domes are available in our Etsy store now and we'll have some of them with us at the Finders Keepers markets in a couple of weeks. You can get the Sydney City Dome here and the New York City Dome here

A special thank you to Lyndsay from Online Laser Cutting who helped us out immensely. If you need some laser cutting done, she's definitely the best in the business! And incredibly fast at email replies! Thanks Lyndsay!

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