4 | Tokyo to Stockholm


As wonderful as travel is, it can also be downright rubbish at times. Today was a long day, juggling a few different time zones and 15 hours of plane rides. Poor Josh didn't handle the flying well at all this time around (thank goodness for those handy paper bags) and I've had a weird vertigo type of thing since we got to Tokyo on Tuesday. Hopefully a good nights rest in a super soft European bed will be just what the doctor ordered and get us back to normal!
I chatted to a lovely Swedish fellow named Gustav on the plane from Zurich to Stockholm this afternoon. He was kind enough to not laugh at my feeble attempts at speaking Swedish to him, and gave us some suggestions on things to look out for in Stockholm.
We got in around 8pm tonight, a very crisp 9 degrees being a dramatic change from the humidity of Tokyo. It's been love at first sight from what we've seen so far, breathtaking grand buildings, cobblestoned streets and cute cafes and restaurants lining the roads. 

For now I'm off to make the most of our cute hotel room, have a hot bath and get a good nights sleep!