McKean Studio & Finders Keepers

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We're home! It's been a bit of a whirlwind week since we jumped off the plane last Tuesday night. It's always a good feeling to step back onto Sydney ground, where the water is fresh and delicious, and where we know where the supermarkets are! The rest of last week is already a blur, with a couple of days being particularly fuzzy due to jetlag. I always think I'm fine, and then 12 hours later am hit with a stomach bug that hangs around for a couple of days, whereas Josh just needs a bit more sleep. We've been working in our jobs to try and restore some of our dollars, and working even harder on some new products for McKean Studio.

We found out while we were in Pisa that we were accepted for another stall at The Finders Keepers! This time we'll be having a monster sized stall to showcase all of the Souvenir Scarf family, and we're still ironing out the details of a few (secret for now!) products that will be making their debut at the markets. The markets are happening at the Australian Technology Park on December 6 and 7, the perfect opportunity for some Christmas shopping!

Now, back to my ever growing to-do list! It's nice to be home, Australia!


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